Which Wedding Shoes – A guide to wearing the right footwear on your day

by Wedding Heart on 05/07/2013 in Wedding Shoes

How many pairs of shoes are you planning on wearing throughout the day - One, two or even three? Once the wedding venue is booked and your dress ordered, the next task is to think about the wedding shoes. Don’t just think of the style of your dress when choosing shoes, consider these factors also:


           The length of your bridal gown

The heel height of your shoes can bring the perfect look and feel to the fitting of your dress. If your dress is quite long, you can ‘lift’ the dress from the floor by wearing shoes with heels of a couple of inches. Of course if your dress is not below ankle length then the heel height is not relevant.


The height of the heels

There are lots of dazzling high heeled shoes available. Shoes that are nice and high can make you have a more attractive posture and are very suited to those with sleek, tight-fitting gowns. These are stunning, but ask yourself ‘Will I be able to steadily and comfortably walk in them?’ If the answer is ‘No’ then there is no point in buying them. The last thing you want to happen is to wobble down the aisle and then stand in front of all of your guests for the next 30 minutes, saying your vows, whilst thinking ‘Ouch my feet hurt!’


If you really want the big high heels, maybe you’d like to change into flat or low-heeled shoes later in the day.


The location of the venue

Is your ceremony going to be in a room with hard flooring like wood or stone, or is it going to be outside on the grass? What about the arrival drinks?

If you will be walking across soft surfaces such as grass, heeled shoes may sink into the grass. This will cause damage to the shoes and possible extra dirt to the bottom of the wedding dress.


If you will be on a beach then sandals (or bare feet) will be best. Sand will be able to shake out of the shoes easily without trapping around your feet and making the skin sore, and of course, you will not sink into the sand!


Lots of walking and dancing

If you are spending your day at more than one location, you may do a lot of walking in between locations, even if this is just walking to and from the wedding transport. Find comfortable shoes so that they do not rub.


The shape, style and fitting of the shoes

This sounds obvious but make sure you check every aspect of your shoes. Ask yourself:

• Do they fit or would it be better to order a half sized shoe?

• Are they comfortable?

• Is there glitter, stones or beading that is against the skin and may rub?

• Do the shoes have an ‘open toe’ design that may rub on your toes?

• Are the shoes likely to slip off or would it be better to buy ones that have a buckle or strap across the top?


            Using the shoes after the wedding

If you are planning on wearing your perfect shoes after the wedding, you may want to get the shoes dyed a different colour. Specialist wedding shoe supplier Rainbow Club offers a shoe dying service for those who have purchased Rainbow Club shoes.


Where to buy

You can view wedding shoe specialists on Wedding Heart by clicking here

Rainbow Club shoes can be purchased by clicking here