Buy Our Honeymoon

Buy Our Honeymoon
Create your own fantasy wish list of experiences, activities and contributions towards your dream honeymoon.

Our honeymoon fund service works in a very similar way to a traditional department store gift registry, but instead of kitchen implements or fresh towels, you put together a list of experiences and activities for your honeymoon. Imagine champagne chilling in your upgraded hotel suite, a gourmet meal in the flickering candle light as the ocean laps nearby!

Include anything from contributions towards your flights or accommodation, to meals, activities and treats. It’s all so much more appealing than an assortment of spoons — and so much more appealing for your guests, too, who’ll feel that they’ve given you a really special treat instead of merely contributing to an anonymous pot of cash.

Your guests choose from any of the ideas you’ve listed, and leave you a personal message. They then simply pay the value of their gift to you directly, facilitated by the site.

Choose from any of our beautiful, customisable page designs, upload your own photos, and organise your gift list items however you choose. The site keeps a comprehensive gift history, which you'll be able access forever, to help you thank your guests for their gifts.

It’s personal, uniquely flexible, and easy to use. You get the financial help towards the honeymoon of your dreams, while your guests get to give you a present that’s meaningful.

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