Wedding Songs

Some brides and grooms know exactly what wedding music they would like, but for others choosing the perfect wedding songs can be confusing – but it need not be that way. There is so much choice for songs to play throughout your day that you just need to pick you favourites. Maybe you have a favourite song with your loved one, or if not, how about choosing songs that match the theme of your wedding?


If you are hiring professional musicians, seek their advice on what music they can play and what they know to be popular. Some musicians such as a guitarist, harpist, pianist, string quartet or even a band, will often take music play requests if they do not already have your favourite song as part of their playlist.


Many brides choose to play music from a CD or ipod throughout the whole day, or just during parts of the day when musicians are not playing. This is a wonderful way to be able to play your wedding music in years to come and remember the special day. Here you can listen to popular songs to play on the big day from the ceremony, first dance and last dance.